With VELEVO.NET, you finally have an IT partner from Germany by your side. We help you map your entire workflow in the infrastructure we operate. You can rely on us. We live and love IT; with us, there are no half-hearted IT solutions.
For example, we secure our IT infrastructure and customer data with certified backups, stored in hot & cold backups. Our backup team regularly checks our backups for functionality and routinely practices emergency scenarios in case of failures.

When was your last backup?



Our Features

VELEVO.NET, your IT service provider

2600+ Domain Extensions

We offer you more than 2600+ domain extensions.


We help you optimize processes in your company through digital transformation. Our consultants also support you in the further development of your existing organization.


We also offer BACKUP SERVERS, allowing you to secure your systems. Our packages start from 100 GB of storage.

Dedicated Servers, Desktop, Server, MacBook Pro, PC systems in the data center.

We consistently have new hosting offers for our customers. With us, you can either store your hardware or rent ready-to-use systems on a monthly basis. Your advantage is that you have no investment costs and can work remotely on high-end hardware with 30-60 FPS.

Secure servers in the VELEVO DC.

From dedicated servers to cloud services. Your data remains protected 24/7. We give our all and monitor and defend against viruses, attacks, and more in real-time.

How's it going?

True to the motto, “How’s it going?”, you can see all the important information in the VELEVO Service Desk. We also have exciting insights on VELEVO.BLOG, and under STATUS, you can see public information.

Better teamwork for you

You can use our VELEVO Workdesk to edit, share, and save your office documents, spreadsheets, and much more, either on your own or collaboratively with a team online.


Anytime and from anywhere.
Access & control over your
Emails, data, PC, Mac,
Pi & Server Hosting.
Checking emails on the go?
Controlling PCs from afar?

With VELEVO, all of this is possible.


Data securely stored

Upload your data, backups, university work, projects, documents, or fondest memories to our VELEVO Cloud. Share your folders or individual data with your friends, clients, or whoever else. You always have full control; deleted truly means deleted.

Outsourcing out of the BOX

Especially for businesses, doctors, tax consultants, cities, authorities, agencies, freelancers. Important matters should be protected by professionals. Let hackers, viruses, lost data, and other damages be a thing of the past. Access your servers & emails remotely. Optionally, surf safely on the internet using our VPN.

EVB-IT, Remote Support

Everyone knows it and everyone hates it. Yet again, a program on the server or on your computer is acting up. Nobody has time and can help. Our technicians are here for you. Together with you, we access your system. You are welcome to watch us work.

Working from anywhere.

You don’t always need expensive hardware to manage a company’s workflow. You only need a web browser, and you can write emails, edit documents, and access our hosted PCs and MacBook Pros remotely at 30-60 FPS. Benefit from Gbit/s connectivity like agencies, schools, and businesses. Work from anywhere, even in the most beautiful sunshine.


Disruption, and what now?

Sometimes, even the best IT systems can get sick and fail.
Luckily, we work day and night, even on New Year’s Eve. Our IT doctors operate on a 3-shift model and nurse everything back to health.

We make every effort to ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times. If it ever doesn’t, we’re here to help you quickly and efficiently – even through remote assistance.


Why should I choose VELEVO.NET?

In the digital age, security and continuous accessibility of your online offerings are essential. At VELEVO, we understand this and provide reliable and functional IT solutions for you. We have a deep passion for IT, continually update our knowledge, and all of our team members are certified IT specialists.
With VELEVO.NET, we offer our expertise in IoT.

We focus on building long-term business relationships.
Collaboration with our customers is the secret to our success.

VELEVO, Your IT Backbone

Work More Productively, Stress-Free, and Focused on What Matters Most!


We deliver IT, you work. Your IT is in good hands 24/7.
The era of crypto, viruses, backups, and outages is over.
You stay online, and so does your business.

24/7 access to everything.

Access your data from anywhere. Work 100% remotely with VELEVO, and you don’t need more than a browser to work. You don’t have to fear losing your laptop, tablet, or your work data anymore.

VELEVO Consulting

Do you need help or advice?
We’re here for you and provide support worldwide, even on-site.

Relax While We Work


With VELEVO by your side, you’re making the right choice for yourself personally and for your business. Regular reports in the backend provide you with a good overview, and upgrades are easy to make. Secure a small token of appreciation if you, as an existing private customer, refer your employer to us as a customer.

We take IT security seriously and don't mind going the extra mile.

Protected from attacks, viruses, and data loss.

Verified backups, redundant data storage.

Your data is hosted 100% in Germany.

VELEVO is certified, complies with regulations, and so do our service providers. "We always aim to improve."

VELEVO is an ACS member.
EVB-IT: We meet the requirements of
ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management System (ISMS).
ISO 27001: Certification based on IT basic protection.
ISO/IEC 9001: Quality Management System.
EN 50600: Construction and operation of secure data centers.
BSI C5:2020: Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue.
VdS 3406: Object-specific security management system.
ISEA 3402 Type II: Internal control system based on COBIT 5.


Get Your Desired Domain

**Domain prices in the 1st year exclusively for new customers, including 19% VAT.
For more information and offers, visit

.com 19.90 €**

.net 18.90 €**

.org 22.90 €**

.de 15.00€**

.store 70.90 €**

.info 31.90 €**

.xyz 18.90 €**

.bayern 35.90 €**

.eu 15.80 €**

.berlin 59.90 €**

.shop 42.50 €**

.club 21,90 €**


We’ll get you online at rocket speed.
If you want to switch from your old provider to us, we’ll take care of the seamless transfer from your old provider to us.